ROV Pilot Training

Training courses

SAROV MARINE CC offers a 60 hour ROV Piloting Training course.  This course is based on the guidelines issued by IMCA.


Apart from completing the ROV Piloting Course SAROV MARINE CC has on offer, Candidates are required to have the following:

  • Basic Electronics/Hydraulics course
  • Technical and Mechanical aptitude
  • Excellent hand-eye co-ordination
  • Offshore medical certificate
  • Offshore safety and survival certificate

Training course outline – 60 hour

  • Operate equipment
  •     operate vehicle functions
  •     operate cameras  – 1Cam Alpha HD Camera system
  •     operate sonar – Tritech Superseaking sonar
  •     operate manipulators – Hydrolek 5-function manipulator
  •     operate acoustic positioning system – Micronav USBL
  •     operate launch and recovery system
  • Pilot the ROV – 60 hours piloting time   
  •     evaluate environmental conditions and hazards
  •     dock/undock from the launch cage
  •     navigate the ROV by acoustics, sonar and visual
  • Perform maintenance on equipment   
  •     maintain electronics, hydraulics, mechanics,
  •     perform general housekeeping and corrosion control
  • Maintain Communications                                                                                   
  •     learn and practice good communication between ROV personnel
  •     write reports
  •     maintain records
  • Seamanship skills                                                                                                         
  •     perform basic rigging
  • Integrate system modifications                                                                         
  •     integrate between sonar systems and the use thereof
  • Course duration                                                                                                             
  •     2 to 6 weeks, depending on number of candidates per course
  • Course pricing  – payable upfront                                                                       
  •     R150 195.00 excluding VAT @ 15% (normal price)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (enquire at for specials)

ROV training course INCLUDES the following

  • ROV certificate on completion of course
  • Starter/graduation pack which includes the followings items:
  •      ROV course/assessment manual
  •      Flash drive containing study material and videos
  •      IMCA ROV Logbook
  •      Stationery pack
  •      SAROV rug sack, cap, oil-rigger and weatherproof jacket
  • Hard hats and other safety gear will be provided

You are required to bring with you the following

  • laptop
  • A4 note pad
  • Additional pens or pencils
  • 1 x colour ID photo for your ROV logbook
  • Safety boots

ROV training course EXCLUDES the following

  • travel to course venue and return
  •       this can be arranged at an additional cost
  • accommodation
  • meals and laundry
  • other course requirements i.e. electronics/hydraulics etc
  • offshore medicals
  • offshore safety and survival course

ROV Hour building  

  • charged at R2 475.00 per hour ex VAT                   

Training Venues

SAROV MARINE CC presents the ROV  training courses at either Seadog Commercial Diving School in Saldanha Bay South Africa, or the Port of Coega in Port Elizabeth.

Other Course details (not provided by SAROV MARINE CC)

Alternatively, contact Tarren Smith at Festo for course details.      Her email address is

     or any other training facility of your choice.

For enquiries, kindly contact Kees via email or mobile number +27 83 654 2878


Sub-sea ROV exploration, Inspection, Mapping and ROV Pilot Training