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SAROV Pilots in Nigeria 2017


SAROV Durban 2017

Pipeline Inspection

SAROV Saldanha Bay 2017

ROV Pilot Training

Group photo jan2017

SAROV Durban / Port Elizabeth 2016

Client:  Seaway Offshore Inc.
M/V Endurance vessel
SOW: Sea trials, monitoring

Client:  Vantage Drilling
Titanium Explorer vessel

Client:  Torm Vessel Management
Torm Torino vessel
SOW: Hull inspection

SAROV in Saldanha Bay

SAROV at Cahora Bassa Dam Mozambique 2015/2016

Sluice gate and dam wall inspection, placing of ash and sand bags to seal leaks

SAROV in Phalaborwa 2015

Phalaborwa Dam Wall
Downstream inspection of gates. Here we could not use the ROV so we had to do the inspection using the Stealth Aviation UAV

P&I Club – Seroja Lima vessel 2014/2015


Completed a survey and inspection job, locating 30 lost containers which had fallen off of a Maersk Vessel – Seroja Lima,
in the Port of Coega Eastern Cape South Africa.
Equipment used was the Edgetech 4125 Dual frequency side scan sonar (Towed fish) and the Sub Atlantic Mojave ROV fitted
with the Gemini 720i multi beam sonar, 1Cam Alpha HD camera, Hydrolek 5-function manipulator and the Tritech Micronav USBL system.

SOW:  scan designated areas using the Edgetech 4125 to locate containers, mobilize ROV for visual
confirmation and orientation and confirm container numbers and record GPS locations for recovery team.

SAROV Training in Mosselbay 2015

Mosselbay Harbour is situated halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and is the smallest of the commercial harbours along the South African coast. Today Mosselbay is an active harbour catering for the local fishing industry. An increasing number of ships for the emerging oil industry call at Mosselbay. In keeping with this industry a full diving service is available for underwater inspection, hull cleaning, salvage etc.

Mosselbay Harbour 2015

Key Wall, Pile and Scouring Inspection

SAROV in Port Elizabeth Harbour 2014

Next up, SAROV helped Transnet with the general maintenance of Port Elizabeth’s harbour. For this harbour quay inspection and debris survey; SAROV acquired a multi beam sonar which allows for full operation in zero visibility conditions.

The pilots who did their training earlier that year gained valuable insight and technical experience as they assisted in the installation of the multi beam sonar.


Noscot Oil and Gas 2015

Perform a side scan of harbor basin area where Semi Sub Rig is proposed to be submerged onto the harbor basin
Perform another bottom survey using ROV and Gemini 720i multi beam sonar as part of survey
Use ROV with multi beam sonar to monitor Rig pontoons for touch down on basin
Measure correct distances from quayside and concrete plinth of quayside
Perform another side scan of Rig in position


SAROV in Durban II 2014



SAROV pilots in Nigeria 2013

Here the team split up from the supervisors and worked on separate vessels side by side. One of SAROV’s in-house trained pilots was operating from the NDK (Nigeria Delta King). The company assisted Hydro dive in a GVI (General Visual Inspection) and a CVI (close-up Visual Inspection) for the lifting and shifting of the umbilical and flow-line(6 inch).

SAROV in Durban 2013

SAROV collaborated with Subtech and was awarded the contract to inspect the 7,7 km sewerage pipeline leading out of Durban City.

Training in Gordon’s Bay 2013

SAROV launches SA’s first training programme to offer 100 hours of flying time. The 12 week programme was set in the idyllic town of Gordon’s Bay. Exercises and training modules were carried out in the picturesque setting of blue rock quarry.

Exercises and training modules included:
  • Search and Recovery
  • Marking Pointers
  • Sonar Navigation
  • Manipulator Training
  • Structural Inspection
  • Diver Support (UCT Diving Department)
  • Maintenance of Manipulator
  • Maintenance of Electronics Pod

SAROV in the DRC 2013



SAROV explores new territory, as the company performed a mine shaft inspection, from 850m below the ground.