Specialized ROV Equipment


1Cam Alpha HD Camera

The 1Cam is ideally suited for any industry where the highest quality imagery is desired.

Common applications include:

HD video or digital stills inspections.
Assessment of subsea structures.
Oceanographic research.
Real time monitoring.

Technical Details:

1080p video and 24.1 MegaPixel stills
Max Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
Max Still Resolution: 6544 x 3680
Depth Rating: 500, 3000 or 6500m
Zoom: 10x Optical
Integrated Flash and Lasers


Gemini 720i Multi-beam Sonar

The Gemini 720i sonar provides real-time, crisp imagery of the underwater scene ahead, making Gemini the ideal technology for subsea sonar vision for obstacle avoidance or search and rescue (SAR) operations. Gemini 720i is the ultimate multibeam imaging sonar producing images of superb clarity with the added benefit of real-time imaging.

Technical Details:

720kHz operating frequency
120° field of view (10° downward tilt)
Integrated velocimeter for accurate ranging
Weighs only 1.2kg in water
Ethernet or VDSL communications


HLK - 5 Function Manipulator

The HLK-43000 5 Function Mini Manipulator is unique in that it has no aluminium parts. The construction of plastic and stainless steel has kept the arm rugged and tough with the capability of lifting 10Kg at full reach, yet retaining a very light weight in water. The unique 5 function arrangement gives excellent dexterity.

Technical Details:

Dimensions Length of arm 553mm
Length of slew plate 210mm
Height 97mm
Width 232mm
Capacities Rotate 180º
Torque at 80 bar 8Nm
Lift capacity at 80 bar 10Kg
Weight in air 5Kg
Weight in water 3Kg
Construction 316 Stainless Steel Jaws
High Density Polyethylene


USBL micronav system

The MicronNav system is an innovative Ultra-Short Base Line (USBL) positioning systemdesigned for small vehicles.


Mini ROV navigation
Diver tracking system
AUV tracking
ROV location beacon

Technical Details:

Positioning technology  Ultra Short Baseline (USBL)
Frequency band 20-28kHz
Tracking range 500m horizontal, 150m vertical
Range accuracy ± 0.2m
Bearing accuracy ±3° (determined by USBL integrated heading sensor)
Position update rate 0.5-10s
Targets tracked 1 responder, 15 transponders
Data display  Polar and Cartesian display with optional bitmap chart,  marker overlay and tracking features
Data recording Data recorded in Seanet Pro format
Surface navigation Most GPS, Heading or Attitude sensors supported by Seanet Pro

Sub-sea ROV exploration, Inspection, Mapping and ROV Pilot Training

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