S.A.R.O.V. offers effective solutions for sub-sea projects through the use of our (ROV) Remotely Operational Vehicle and highly qualified personnel.  Our services range from sub-sea dive support, observation and inspection work to “eye in the sky” UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) mapping, surveillance and Topographic survey.

SAROV Sub-Sea ROV services

Application List

  • Video surveillance, close visual inspection (CVI) and general visual inspection (GVI) Security,
  •  Dive support,
  • Structural Surveying, sea bed debris, harbour and dam wall inspections as well Wrecks and underwater environmental assessment with 3D mapping,
  • Inspection of oil well head, platform Ship hull and Pipeline.
  • Light/medium work tooling,
  • Offshore oilfield,
  • Underwater NDT,
  • Inland waterways.
  • Search and rescue,
  • Insurance and forensics.

S.A.R.O.V.  Stealth Aviation offers UAV (Drone) services.

Application List

  • Survey Planning
  • Inspections
  • Topographic survey
  • Mapping
  • Disaster Management
  • Anti- Poaching

S.A.R.O.V now offers vessel services via affiliates EGS Survey.

Please click on link below for details on available vessels.

Our Crew

The team on wall inspection.S.A.R.O.V. is a dynamic team consisting of Supervisors and Pilot Technicians.  All our pilots are professionally trained under IMCA standards and have very good experience. Interested in a career in sub sea exploration?

Sub-sea ROV exploration, inspection, mapping and Stealth Aviation UAV services.