Sub-sea ROVs


Mojave is the most powerful observation ROV for its size. Compact, ergonomic design and light weight construction allow for rapid set up and deployment using any domestic power supply. With world beating subCAN control & diagnostics system and proven thruster reliability, Mojave sets the standard by which the competition will be judged. Mojave can be supplied with a complete range of specialist tooling / sensor skids for use Offshore or Inshore Oil & Gas, Scientific, Port Security, Military, Civil Engineering and numerous other applications.


300m Depth Rating
LED lighting as standard
5 x SPE-75 DC Thrusters
80 – 260V Domestic Input
Multibeam Sonar
Auto Position Option
Excellent payload options available
Graphic User Interface (GUI) Control
63Kgf Horizontal 26 Kgf Vertical Thrust
5 function Manipulator
Auto Heading and Depth
Simple maintenance and operation means very little down time.


Super Mohawk II Is a robust, durable and long proven ROV system designed for high payload, with plenty open deck space and skid mounted options. The subCAN control system provides advanced diagnostics, precise vehicle control and reduced reactive maintenance. Thus, the benefit of increased dive time, reduced vessel standby and operating costs. The system can be supplied as free flying or with Tether Management System.


3000m Depth Rating
110Kgf Forward, 80Kgf Reverse, 75Kgf Lateral, 45Kgf Vertical thrust
Plenty space for location of sensors/equipment
65 Kg of payload
Dual manipulator and cleaning /cutting options
Multiple video / telemetry channels as standard
Deep water cage TMS option
Full Dynamic Positioning / Inertial Navigation options.


We have recently added another inspection class system to our fleet.  This Seabotix LBV 150-4 is suitable for visual inspections.

SeaBotix LBV150-4 Data Sheet



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