SAROV MARINE CC is a company specializing in offshore exploration.

We are a remotely operated vehicle business and facility based in South Africa, equipped with the latest technology so to introduce you to what you could expect to use in the field of subterranean exploration.

SAROV MARINE CC using high quality equipment, delivers task based training and ROV services while ensuring all standards are met as set by recognized international bodies in the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry.

Training is focused on industry entry and highly competent related experience, guaranteeing 60 hours of flying time as well as comprehensive maintenance and fault finding training and,  assessment on our equipment.

Practical assessment on site

SAROV MARINE CC is a vendor for Transnet

SAROV MARINE CC has a full and complete SHEQ file for safety operations according to Regulations.

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Sub-sea ROV exploration, Inspection, Mapping and ROV Pilot Training

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